Is it feathered? Does it have scales? A big proud nose? A tail? Is it a mouse with a mane? Or a great lizard with the wings of a dove? Where does it live? What does it eat? Where is it going?

By using a different part of your brain to look at your business you can see it in a fresh light and react to aspects of its health, habitat and direction that might not otherwise occur to you. We help you peer into the soul of your business illustrated as a living being in its native habitat, albeit in a parallel dimension.

Each project is created individually. We work from history and figures, an interview with you as the owner or director, and then our artists and accountants add a dash of magic to breathe life into your beast. Once it is created, you can commission regular health checks and follow its story.

You may wish to share your beast with the world, or keep it as your secret friend and totem creature.

Please email shakespeareseer@gmail.co.uk to enquire about commissioning your very own Business Beast.

Pictured: A very early image of our beast, Buzz. He is a Lion-cub with great bee wings. They say he shouldn’t be able to fly, but he does.